12 June 2006

Kudos are nice

When you make something sweet and little like this:
(crocheted yoke and edgings w/Laurel by Schaefer Yarn & body is knit in Rowan All Season's Cotton - i made it up as i went along - top down , and of course i didn't write it down)
It is so nice to get an email like this:

I just opened the sweater you knitted for E.E.... I'm speechless... and that doesn't happen often! It is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait til it's cool enough to put her in it... with her coloring, it will look fabulous on her... and if her eyes turn out to be like her dad's, then they'll match the sweater perfectly...
Thank you for all the time & effort you put into the sweater, I love it & it will definitely be part of E.E's keepsake box... even if she wears it threadbare ;)

Mom (Dad and baby too)

Of course my pic is missing both the buttons and one of the cutest babies ever! ( I did sew on the buttons before I mailed – or I should say, before my mom mailed it)

Hopefully, the proud parents will take a picture of the little princess in the sweater and I can post it here.

I would show you the whole 2” that I have knit of my world cup sweater – but Fritz has taken the camera hostage. He felt filming the destruction of the latest set at OZ was more important than my blog….geesh!

As for the actual World Cup – thank the powers that be that Ramon, our cafĂ© manager, was able to get Univision on his little TV! I was able to a good 30 minutes of the embarrassing USA vs. Czech Republic match. I mean what were they thinking?!?! We rank 5th and they rank in 2nd – of course the USA was going to lose! Maybe it was a fluke four years ago…..at least I have my Germany.


Anne-Caroline said...

I love that sweater - great colors, and not baby-generic colors at all! Yay for baby sweaters. :)

Tusa said...

That is beautiful. That pattern... Please share - I promise to share mine when it is done...

futuregirl said...

I love that sweater! I'm sure EE is going to cherish it. Especially if she has one-tenth of the sweetness of her Mom. It's a wonderful gift and a wonderful thank you letter.