02 June 2006

I'm Home!

Obviously, my leaving for a few days has not affected the cats - they are fat ever and happy to be just sleeping in there usual spots. Bernina (yes, named for the sewing machine) is the fat white one and Walter (nee DeWalt, until Fritz decided he didn't like their tools anymore) is the orange kitty - they are litter mates and 61/2 years old - we got them as engagement presents to ourselves :). Aren't they so cute?!?!? Okay enough of the cats - it is good to be home - it is even good to be back at the Land of Oz.

What was so lovely, was to come back to a clean shop, appropriately decorated for my birthday and the donation of a very cool looking Singer sewing machine – I cannot wait to plug it in and see how it works.
There has been no knitting or crafting – due to the driving and the sleeping and now the working.
So this is just a brief note to show off my new toy at work.
There shall be knitting tomorrow – sock content – I am teaching a class on knitting socks on two circulars in the morning so I will take some pictures and post them here.
I guess now that I am back at work I won’t be blogging everyday – but I hope to a few times a week – we shall see...

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Jill Smith said...

Sweetness kittles.