20 June 2006

The quilting bug...

…it has hit. Somebody shoot me! No really! You think I am kidding here? I swore up and down that other than the obligatory baby quilt – the one with the character top and plain fabric on back, a little padding in between and MACHINE stitching – that there would be no quilting in my life – none (except costumes).

quilt 2

So as you can see – fallen off that wagon. Nothing special – no real pattern here – but I got on this green kick and Baby EE was born and she is so cute and I really like her mom … yeah her dad is cool too –

So I am just cutting uneven strips and sewing bits together – we shall see what happens – not sure what the back is going to be yet – I have serious amounts of fabric in my stash and well – I could do the back in all blues…or maybe lady bugs…

So please no quilting insults that I am doing this all wrong – ‘cause like I said, not a real quilter here – I am inspired just enough by those fabulous quilters’ blogs to something a little different from my usual

PS – Germany vs. Ecuador – 3:0 – oh ja! You betcha’! world cup knitting – 8” front and back – I really want that part done by the end of the weekend – But I HAVE to have dinner with Annie Modesitt (ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) this Saturday - oh gee darn – but you know, I do not think that she will be insulted if I sit and knit instead of smoke, after dinner (NOT quitting people! Just taking a break!


madhatter said...

the fabrics look nice, i like the color combination :)

this will be a very nice quilt, i´m sure!

Neomera said...

Annnie Modesitt? Oh darn! You poor thing, if you must, you must! ;)

You'll have to bring all the juicy details to work and tell me all about it!

Verstrickt und zugenäht said...

Hallo Marietta

Und wann isst und schläfst du?
Du bist so wahnsinnig produktiv und machst so schöne Dinge und zum "World Cup" schauen findest du auch noch die Zeit!
Was denkst du wer gewinnt?
Meine persönlichen Favoriten, nach dem Ausscheiden der "Swiss boys" sind die Holländer und die Portugiesen. Ich würde schon gerne eine europäische mannschaft im Finale sehen.
Vielen Dank noch für dein Kompliment über meinen Jupe. Mir gefallen bersonders die drei T-Shirts die du genäht hast. Was ist das für ein Schnitt? Selbst erstellt?
Liebe Grüsse

futuregirl said...

Those greens are soooo wonderful. How much more greener could it be? None more greener. I love your anarchy quilting method, too.

Whimsical Knitting said...

I'm loving your quilt; love the greens, WTG!
OMGoodness, how jealous am I...you are having dinner with my idol, Annie M?! How cool is that?!!!! You guys enjoy!

Anonymous said...

You didn't even tell your Mom that you were having dinner w/Annie!! Is she teaching a class at WoolWinders? Have a lovely evening and give her my regards.

Marietta said...

sorry mom!!!
yes she is - a bead class - 2 of them all day sunday

Tusa said...

Marietta, I am jealous! On two counts...

3-0 for you!!! Did you see our game? England v Sweden, 2-2 for crying out loud!

The quilt - I have dabbled in a little quilting myself but what you are putting together looks lovely.

corinna said...

just great fabrics!!!