08 June 2006

24 hours left...

The world cup is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited - do you think 11:55 am est is too early to have a beer? I really think i should take this is on full force - all the way - but i am NOT drinking Budweiser, even if they are the official beer of the world cup! Who's stinkin' idea was that? Not a self-respecting German! I think that there is some Pilsner in the fridge - I should pick up some Warsteiner's on the way home.

So, I will be working on the socks for the whole month - as the mindless, knit-in-meetings, world cup side activity. I'll probably jump on the Jaywalker Bandwagon, and do the germany socks in that pattern - or just plain stockinette - we shall see - and i willdo them two at a time on two crics so it will go faster - i hope!But my real project is the sweater pictured below - which is for Fritz and will be knit out of Rowan Felted Tweed. I need to order at least one more, maybe two more skeins in the brown colorway I already have.

world cupworld cup

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