03 July 2006

Ole ole ole ole…part III

Warning: world cup commentary first/crafty talk below.

Wow! Friday’s match! I know I am a few days behind here – but this whole work thing has been getting in the way again – of the knitting and the personal sewing and the blogging.
So back to Friday – when Argentina scored, I had tears starting – I was worried when my boys didn’t score in the first 10 minutes…so then I figured the last ten minutes…then there was the overtime with 2 15 minutes sessions and then the penalty kicks…oh the tension in the costume shop. I watched the last 15 minutes of the match standing on a chair in front of the TV holding the antennae (it turns out the headsets we use for out theatre were interfering with my TV reception). There was a meeting at 1 o’clock that fortunately was only for the sets and lights ‘cause there was no way I was leaving my shop before I saw whether Germany won or lost….and we know how that turned out  And yeah they play on july 4th - i still have to work but I can always leave and find a bar to watch the game!!!!!!!!
My interns were happy too – they did not want to see Marietta on her knees, crying if they had lost…and then England lost ( I am so sorry Tusa) and then Brazil! What a weird weekend of Football – I tell ya!

Crafty stuff:

Today is our 2nd, 10 out 12 – which means that in a 12 hour period, the actors work for 10 hours. This also means that the technicians and designers are at work for 14 hours (we are here at least 1 hour before tech begins and at least 1 hour after – for meetings and work). So we have had two very long days. When the actors are on stage, we can’t work on costumes or set, so I take notes and do the little fun crafty things – like make a flower skirt:

Or paint a sweater to look like knitting in a larger scale doing this:

knitting stencilpod's sweaterpods finished sweater

Do you think this counts for the Knitting World Cup? I used freezer paper as a stencil - a great trick I learned from Vivi. I am sure that other people have been doing this for years – but I have always cut my stencils from thin plastic sheets (like Mylar) meant for stencils – and that gets costly! So I bought this HUGE roll of freezer paper for about $5 or $6 at the local grocery store and I can get many, many stencils for the price of maybe two or three. The only downside is that I am going to have to cut a second stencil for the backside, BUT it does iron on and stay in place without having to use spray adhesive. At some point I will have to learn how to do screen printing.

Well that is just a quick summary of the last few days - we have been so busy with the working - and though tomorrow is a national holiday - we still have to work. I do hope to be done by 3pm so i can watch the Germany vs Italy game at a bar instead of here in my shop...that would be nice..beer...oh i think the Goethe Institute in DC is hosting a world cup vioewing - might just have to go...maybe at the embassies too.... i will check it out first thing whenthis rehearsal is over.
Got to go! Act I is under way...time to play :)

see you all when this is over in a few days... oh and i think I have been knocked out of the knitting world cup...nothing new since the great mistake

das ball ist rund....


futuregirl said...

I love the knitting pattern you did with freezer paper. At first I saw it as leaves. Very Lotta Jansdotter.

Marietta said...

thank you! in blue on white cotton it looks really neat - i think i am going to have to use it for a fabric print for bags or maybe a skirt... And yeah it does look a bit leafy - but on stage it looks more like knitting - i'll post a few pics after photo call later this week

jill said...

Glad things are going okay, Marietta (leafy skirt looks very cool - would make a great ballet costume...).

Here at Chez Ohmygawdthedogisbarkingagain, we have been slightly off the World Cup since the Brazilian loss. Instead, we have transferred our affections to the perennial fave, Le Tour de France. Thor Hushovd (aka "My Boyfriend - he just doesn't know it") is doing amazingly well, so I'm enjoying myself. John is taking it well, all things considered.

Dove Knits said...

Giant knitting!

Are you a set designer, then? That's so cool.

Marietta said...

nope! just costumes!

walkaboutknitter said...

Hey Marietta,

I love the freezer paper knitting. And boy wasn't it a weird world cup?

While I don't _really_ want to enable the strange cosy thing, do some googling for Patons Bazaar booklets -- #178 has nine cosies of one sort or another in addition to 41 other bizarre bazaar items to knit and crochet.

I'm not doing any more flowers at the moment other than a blooming bikini top for a friend to wear to this year's Burning Man festival but I'm sure I'll keep playing there from time to time.