20 July 2006

vintage sewing and bloody shakespeare

Look at what I won!!! Remember that eBay moment I had with the cozies? Well I was sidetracked by some vintage patterns. And I am quite happy to have found and won these lovelies:
Some were still in the envelopes sent to the original owners back in 1962 and 1964 – though one of them is a bit 80’s. I am looking forward to making the short sleeve dress with the roll collar (top row, center). I’ll have to expand the pattern a bit too fit me of course….Perfect since I just joined SewRetro. I might make this for my first challenge, if I have time before the end of the month (read: next week). We shall see...wonder what the next challenge will be?

The other fun moment of the day was fun with bruises, blood and scars. My intern, Dietzy, is running the show backstage and Kym and I gave her a lesson in bruises and scars for one of the actors in the second Act…a little too much fun was had by all! I got her started with a few basic black and blue marks and Kym let her go with the bloody scars (made with spirit gum, red zinger tea leaves, and Ben Nye Stage blood – peppermint flavored,naturally) -Pics below not for the sensitive :)


mangetsu said...

Bruises... always fun trying some new crafting, isn't it?

Congrats on the patterns. I'd like to join the group, too, but vintage patterns I always looked for on ebay but never bought. So I actually own not one yet. Too bad.

Happy sewing, Marietta! Looking forward to see the result.

madhatter said...

cool patterns!
hope to see your results soon :)

Tusa said...

Cool stuff! Looking forward to the vintage makes.

futuregirl said...

Killer bruises and cuts! You must be popular around Halloween. :) Can't wait to see what you make for SewRetro, it looks like a cool group.