16 July 2006

Cozies and other things

Apparently my cozy obsession has been considered odd…i'm cool with that :)
Well it might be a bit scary, but obvously there are people out there who are more obsessed than I am. I keep getting outbid on eBay. I have my limits and refuse to go above them (that is how eBay gets you...you feel the pressure and go over what any calm sane person is willing to spend in face to face combat shopping).
Has anyone seen that commercial for room fresheners, where grandma is crocheting cozies to cover the room freshener? Fritz is convinced that that is me (though I am much younger and probably taller than grandma). Besides, I draw the line at toilet paper cozies...What’s the point? You run out before you have a chance to get the cover on.

(And no comments from the knit-or-get-off-the–pot family tree – about the toilet paper or my hair. )

Not much crafting fun at the moment - hands have not been enjoying the humidity - all the swelling - so not doing much - especially since work has been so heavy.

But there was a lovely review in the Washington Post in Saturday's paper about THE BORROWERS. I wish the other pic that was in the paper was on the web - you could see the fabulous acorn hat that one of my interns made for me. Or you'll just have to se the show :)!


tomato said...

"probably taller"...... and how about adapting the toilet paper patterns for the cozies in fingering yarn? I remember those patterns as being in worsted acrylic horrible stuff -- and NO I never made a one of them.

Whimsical Knitting said...

I love the picture of the show..I wish I were there so that I could see it...love, love The Borrowers.
So, are you being outbid on ebay for cozies, or for yarn to make cozies?!
Ya know, I'm bummed that I didn't win all of that swag for the KWC...LOL, just kidding! It was fun!