10 July 2006

Another opening, another show

Yippee!!! The show is open and here are the boys enjoying the party – can you guess which is which?
Adam, aka our best man, aka Fritz’s ATD (assistant Technical Director) is sitting house left and Fritz is house right. It is Adam’s last opening night with us – he is moving on to San Diego Rep as their TD – we are so proud of our boy! He’s ten years younger than Fritz and when we all lived together, we referred to him as “our teenage son” (okay, so he’s in his 20’s, but boys will be boys!)

Before Adam leaves in two weeks time, Fritz has decided to take some time off and go see his folks – read: leaving me to fend for myself for a few days.

Mar: When are you leaving?
Fritz: Why?
Mar: Well, I need to plan my affair.
Fritz: Affair?
Mar: Yes. I plan to have a hot and steamy affair while you are away…
Fritz: (raising one eyebrow – ‘cause he can do that) With yarn or fabric?
Mar: (BUSTED!!!)
Fritz: So while you are having your steamy affair with *enter fiber of choice here*, will you eat while I’m away?
Mar: (blank look)
Fritz: Will you feed the cats? Clean the kitchen?
Mar: (still a bit blank) I’ll feed the cats…Clean? Well if I don’t make anything then won’t have to clean…you got me yogurt and ice cream right?
Fritz: (walks away and shakes his head) Just remember to feed the cats.

As I have said – I do not cook, I do not clean. What’s the point? I was a very skinny single person and since there was no food in the house (does rice and yogurt count?) there was never any mess – well except for fabric and yarn – my single person apartment pretty much looked like this (our current guest/yarn/sewing room):

Maybe I’ll clean it while Fritz is away…


jill said...

...Or, "Another opening, another sew."

::ducks, runs for cover::

Hot, steamy affair with textiles? Turn the a/c on, woman! Oddly enough, I had the same conversation with John re: "will you eat?" when he was getting ready to go away for a business trip.

tomato said...

You're going to enter that room without back-up? Be afraid, be very afraid..... and incidentlly, if you happen to find my dress the closet ate, do let me know.... Much love.

futuregirl said...

I am totally jealous that you have your own room to mess up. I create mini tornados-of-craft in my part of the office and sometimes my end of the couch, but nothing as spectacular as your room. :)

Marietta said...

yeah and that picture only shows half of the room - what you don;t see is the bed covered in baskets of fabric and yarn as well as cats