23 July 2006

so much to make, so little time

The first summer student show has opened… and it has closed – went to strike and filled the car with the dry cleaning! So much done for such a little time. Now on to the next one – THE ROBBER BRIDEGROOM – but we get about 3 weeks to build that one and most of it has been pulled from several other theatres – yeah.

There are also now 3 high school interns in the costume shop plus 3 college interns – we are jamming! I’m thinking that there is plenty of time for personal sewing for everyone one as well as teaching a few things. Especially a stuffed dinosaur patern i found while cleaning out my sewing room.

I have a long list of things that I need to make for myself or others – to knit or sew:
Pakchen zirkel items
Felted tea cozy
Luxurious hand knit or quilted eyeglasses case – for my sunglasses
That retro 60’s dress pattern I got on eBay last week
That retro 70's dress (reissued by simplicity) that everyone is making (so why can't I?):

Purse organizer
Another summer skirt – before summer is gone
A few more of these t-shirts
Maybe a retro apron or two:

Finish that world cup sweater
About 20 pairs of socks including these, these and these
A quilt or two
A few bags, such as this or this
A slip-cover for the ugly sofa in our living room
That suit for my mom

Oh and did I mention? Finally saw pirates of the caribbean II – not disappointed…but not thrilled…kind of like Indiana Jones II – need to see it to get to part III. Not going to complain 'cause cute boys and fab costumes….Johnny Depp…need I say more?


Anne-Caroline said...

I saw it too - and then rented Edward Scissorhands and What's Eating Gilbert Grape to supplement the fetish. Dang, Depp is hot.

calamitysue said...

Hi,you are one busy lady!About the Duro dress,I don't get it (takes deep breath and commits dress a day blasphemy)I think its ugly.Those aprons on the other hand,love them!!!!Can't wait to see what you create on Sew Retro.Remind me to show you my tea cosy collection.Cheers Sue.

madhatter said...

those aprons are lovely! *jumparound* what pattern is it? (sorry, i don´t get a larger pic to see it...)

the purse organizer is pretty cool. every woman should have one. though we wouldn´t find our stuff, anyway. ;)

jill said...

When I carried a larger purse, my friend got me a purse organizer which I loved.

I like the Duro dress.

Otherwise - that list? You're nuts. ;-)

futuregirl said...

Too cool that you can get sewing done at work. Kinda like I can comment on blogs while I "program." ;)

The purse organizer is such a great idea! That's on my list of things to do ... that I'll never get to.

Whimsical Knitting said...

Oh my, you have the same sock selection that I do...great minds, you know!

Lauren said...

I love the dress, so much so that I think I'll have to make one too.

Your list of projects seems perfectly reasonable to me!


Tomato said...

Mom's suit.... Mom's suit from 2001? What about Mom's dress and jacket that your closet ate, what about..... Actually, all will be forgiven if you would please make me that darling apron and a purse organizer. My tote is such a disaster I bought a tiny flashlight to illuminate the depths!!