30 July 2006


The day off was lovely! Started off strange – but all fabulous in the end.
The beginning? While at the drug store– I saw two men walk out with store baskets full of food items; the alarms went off and not a single clerk did anything! When I went to my car a minute later – those two guys were at there car – looked me kind of mean and took off. I called the store manager on my cell and when I mentioned that the alarms had just gone off moments ago and nothing was done, she said ” Thank you. I will check the security tapes. Have a nice day!”

Okay so that was odd and nerve-wracking…but they day got better – of course, because we saw this (it is a knitted boot!):

dancing shoes that you can make tap!:
tap dance shoe

And this(the closest i will ever get to a manolo blahnik):

We got to design our own shoe too!!!!!
make your own shoe

And did you know that you can eat lunch at Whole Foods? Okay maybe you knew you could have a gourmet lunch at the grocery store– but I didn’t, until yesterday. My Whole Foods does not have his amazing lunch bar that the one in Alexandria Old Towne does – check it out if you are there!

We then went to PAZAZZ for our hands and feet. Brought a bottle of wine (an Austrian Riesling, aber natuerlich) and relaxed in the massaging chair while pedicured. It felt so good, I didn’t even knit. Then I decided to get my hair cut on a whim!

Okay I am going to toot own horn and say: Aren’t I cute?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
You have to understand something – 9 times out of 10; I am in tears when I leave a salon. It is very hard to find someone who will do a fabulous cut and color. This time was just cut (the bleach streak is my own personal boredom).


Lauren said...

Very cute!

We were in Alexandria yesterday, celebrating my sister's birthday. As we drove down King Street, I saw a sign for a salon and said, "Hey, they spelled pizazz wrong!

Tini said...

jupp, you look great :)
I need a pedicure too, I guess tomorrow no shoes, with toes showing for me...

Theresa said...

And to think I actually pay for my groceries - who knew?
Your hair looks great - I'm jealous!

jill said...

Yes, indeedy - very cute hair. Congrats on such a fun day!

madhatter said...

your hair (well, you in the whole) look great!
i´m stuck to my hairdresser for 9 years now, and she never disappointed me.
you know: choosing the "right" hairdresser is almost as important as choosing your hubby. but the relationship to the hairdresser might last longer ;)
you´ve seen a manolo blahnik. i´m jealous! oh, you don´t know *how* jealous i am...
i saw one once... that was on tv. they had a report about how those shoes are made. from design to the finished shoe. very interesting, but those prices! *whew*
when i ever become a millionair, i know where to shop! ^.^

mangetsu said...

Indeed, you are cute! Have you ever been cute before? Hair-wise I mean. Pretty different style now, isn't it?

When you all became millionaires you can start think about a manolo swap ;-)

futuregirl said...

Very cute hairdo. I love the sassy curls and the blond streak. I think I recognize that shirt, too. :)

Tomato said...

After a visit over the weekend, I can attest to the fact that the hair is adorable. And of course I'm not being prejudiced at all!!!

Marietta said...

it is true - i have never been this cute before :) - it is really a diferent cut for me. I move too much to have a regualr hairdresser. when we first moved to dc i drove 4 hours ever 3 months to get my hair done - that is how much it pains me to go to a new hairdresser :)

prem said...

Hey nice blog...I love it.....I saw Timberland shoes when walking along the road....thats very nice...