27 July 2006

dresses and dinosaurs

The shop is a bit quiet until we start fitting the show - so in order to teach the girls how to follow a pattern, i thought that i would give them something fun to do:

Two of them felt that their dinosaurs were more dragon like - so they added wings :)
While they were having their fun, I was having mine. I started that 60's dress pattern (from ebay)- made the muslin, fit it (sort of) and just jumped into the fabric. the choice was difficult - i almost went with classic black, my personal favourite, but thought that it would be just too heavy and typical. So i dug a little further and found a dark brown with pink dots and floral:

the collar isn't actually a collar - just a bias strip of a pink silk shantung from my stash pinned on for me to see if it really is the right colour - and then there is me being all crazy and costume-y:

i was messing around and thought that maybe the silk could use dark brown polka dots - but that is the costume designer in me, and not the practical dress maker (granted, this is NOT a practical dress). And am still thinking that I might make the sleeves short instead of "not really 3/4 length sleeve" - not a big fan since i am tall and 3/4 length always makes me feel like the sleeve is too short. But the "not quite" is a determined length that looks good on me and not like i ran out of fabric :)

Oh and remember this? The Bias Corset by Annie Modesitt? I finished it and finally got to finish it on Starr - so now all i need to do is figure out if i am going to do the i-cord bind off at the hem or do a ribbing, as well as the i cord straps. I will gladly take a picture of it on Starr when i give it to her in August - all finished and fabulous!

here's a thought - how retro is retro? Does fabric that i bought more than 15 years ago count as retro?
And how do i get those buttons for other webpages into my side-bar?

Tomorrow I am off from work!!!! - manicures/pedicures and a museum trip to see an exhibit on shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


futuregirl said...

I thought the pink asymetrical collar was waaay cool. Oh, well. Maybe it's a little too Star Trek anyway. The fabric you chose is great. I love seeing the in-progress photos.

Buttons in the side-bar: You mean image type buttons, right? You would just put the code for that image link in your Blogger Template just like you did for the "Other Links" and "Knitting Links" except that the image will show up instead of a text link.

If you look at the very bottom of this page http://whipup.net/whiplash/ you will see what I mean. They give you the code for an image that links to their site.

Email me and tell me what you are hoping to link to (like an example on someone else's blog) and I will give you the code to put in your template. I can also explain the technical parts if you wanna know them.

madhatter said...

those dinosaurs are lovely :)
and yes, i think that your 15-year-old fabric counts as retro... or vintage... *gg*

exhibit on shoes? think of pictures for the curious ones! i´m a shoe-lover...

Tusa said...

Fantastic.! Love the pink collar and want to see the recently finished (knitted) object! Please don’t tease…

berry said...

Hi Marietta,
I love your dress! and I think the polka-dots on the silk fabric are a very good idea - how did you manage to get them on??? I love the collar too....just perfect! I'm looking forward to the whole dress - do you show us the pattern to get an idea how it is cut?

Dove Knits said...

Dinosaurs! Awesome!

Love the dress.