13 July 2006

While the cat is away the mice will play…

Or in this case, Marietta will play on eBay…bad Marietta.
Every once in awhile I get on eBay and do damage to the bank account. This time is it vintage patterns for knitted tea and egg cozies. – cause who doesn’t want matching tea and egg cozies? Well I do. Egg cups are pretty hard to find in the states (at least for me anyway) and egg cozies are even harder. Yes, I can make up my own patterns and yes, there is that very cute pattern in WEEKEND KNITTING, but I want typical British looking egg and tea cozy covers like these:

But I lost this bid – and there are others! There are also tea cozy patterns that look like cottages. I swear there was that woman who made tea cozies that looked like the homes of famous women murderers. No I don’t need one of those - but I do like the idea. I am hardly domestic, but I like cozies for my kitchen appliances. There was that moment of unemployment where I had sewn covers for all the little appliances in the kitchen one afternoon. Fritz was a bit frightened…

And then there are the sewing patterns…don’t get me started – not like I do not have enough and I can’t make my own...but why should I when they are there…calling to me…saying…bid on me! Take me home…who cares what the shipping is….

My other favorite eBay search is Tigerente – trying to find someone who will ship to the US is not easy! It is not available here and I admit I am child-like in this way. All I want is that silly little tigerente necklace on a leather string – I have had one or two before and lost them – so sad! When we have our imaginary children (currently named: Maximillian and Helen – not my choices!) I will do the baby room in tigerente!

Oh an PROJECT RUNWAY started up again last night!!!!!!!!! that chick so deserve off - i mean industrial sewingmachines are not that scary (so they can sew through bone! - don;t ask me how i know!) And if you want to read some fun commentary, check these guys out!

I will end the post with this lovely statue of Empress Elizabeth (aka Sissi) at the Westbahnhof in Vienna, Austria. Can you guess what is so perfect about this picture?

maria teresa


futuregirl said...

Dude, your cozy obsession is scary. But scary can be really, really cool. I can't wait to see what you get (and make) once you win a bid.

Our imaginary kids names: Nigel Grinchgibbons, twins Bah-gawk and Boo-yah (the sound that chickens make and the sound that guys in the army make), Maxwell (for a girl or a boy), Nadja, Isobel, and Soren. I'm sure they all hope they stay imaginary. :)

Suzanne said...

Do I spy a pigeon????

jill said...

Believe it or not, IKEA has egg cups. Not the tall, vaguely jigger-shaped ones I knew in my youth, but egg cups nonetheless (they look like squat little ramekins).

Also believe it or not, but despite having soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers quite often as I grew up, I was unaware of the existence of egg-cup cozies until now. Mom told me once that the larger end of the egg-jigger-cup thing was designed to act as an insulator if the egg had to go for any length of time uneaten (putting the egg underneath the thing instead of on top, if that makes sense).

Lauren said...

I have a few (lame) egg cups that apparently came from Crate & Barrel. Despite this, I have never eaten an egg from an egg cup, or even soft from the shell. As a little kid I only ate scrambled, and as a bigger kid, I like poached and fried.

Anyway, here's a free kitchsy tea cozy pattern for you:


The best part (aside from flashbacks to barbie jammed in a cake, with icing on her boobs) is that the recommended colors are green and orange.