31 July 2006

Happy Day!!!!!!

Fritz: so did you get that package?
Mar: What package?
Fritz: The one from Germany – that you have been looking for every night when we get home. That package.
Mar: Oh yes! My paeckchen zirkel!
Fritz: Oh. Well, did you get it?
Mar: Not yet – but that’s okay we have until August 15th, and I have to send out my last two later this week. Just need to get to the Post office.

Warning: deutsch-lish ahead! (I apologize in advance for the poor German grammar)

…later that night…

It came! It came! My first package is here!!
Mein erstes paeckchen ist angekommen! Yeah! Es freut mich sehr. DANKE DANKE DANKE vielmals an Isa!!!! Sie hat mir eine kleines nachricht geschrieben: …”hoffe dass ETWAS nach deinen Geschmack dabei ist” Etwas?? Try alles!!!!!!

from isa - the outside

Ich meine – wirklich – habt ihr gesehen?:

from isa - the iside

Eine kleine Beschreibung: - 6 lovely fabrics (lovin’ the sushi), cool trims (even Fritz said that they were very Marietta, especially the pink), a very cool purse (you should zoom in and check out the hand work!), a nifty wooden button (it might be missing from the pics), a cool little “anhaenger” for my key chain, 2 very cool (and perfect) fairytale shrinky-dinks with my name (fritz is going to drill a tiny hole through them so I can hang them off the rearview mirror in my car), and the piece de resistance (imagine, French accent):


TIGERENTE FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you see the Janosch book? – I LOVE TIGERENTE (it’s a love story) – which I did not have. I will read it tonight before I go to sleep.

Wie könnte ich nicht glücklich sein? Ihr koenntet alles besser HIER sehen.
How could I not be happy! You can see everything better over here!

in other news: did not meet the sew-retro challenge for the month - started late last week, so i am not surprised. I hope to finish it this week though, after i send out my part of the paeckchen zirkel that is. And a thank you to everyone for the nice things you said about my hair!!! You did not have to and that was just great - made me feel so much better about my random hair care choice - cause, dude! shaving my head is not far from thought on a regualr basis!

other things to tell you about - knitting and sewing - but it is past my bedtime (well for tonight anyway!)

see you later!


isa said...

i'm so happy, that you love the package ;)

mangetsu said...

Hey, lucky you!
This small purse looks very soccer-ish to me, no matter what cute fabric was used... so thoughtful of Isa!

futuregirl said...

Isa is the bomb. I can't believe how much of that fabric she sent! Everything is so cute. :)

jill said...

Excellent. What a fun package of gifties!

Marietta said...

@ mangetsu: you are so right about the soccer purse - dd not see it until byou said something - love it more

madhatter said...

very nice things - and the tigerenten-fabric is truly a hit!
you got a wonderful parcel :)

Tini said...

coooool parcel :)
I have made my sis a tigerenten pillow with an appliqué of the tigerente once and DH has an embroidered tigerente somewhere. I have some embroidery charts ( just copies I got from somewhere)...

Whimsical Knitting said...

Very nice haul!!!