26 May 2006

Stupid Question of the Day...

me: You haven't seen any knitting needles lying around? Have you?
Fritz: Yes....(eyebrows raised, as if to say:stupid question) Where haven' t I seen them?
me: Point taken. (exit stage left)

Okay - so there is this word in the title of my blog - KNIT - but so far, no knitting content - a mention of socks but no real knitting.
So now for the knitting.....drum roll, please.....this is what i am currently knitting:

No, not socks, it is the Bias Corset by Annie Modesitt that is featured this month in Interweave Knits. I am making it for Starr, who I went to DM with - and she, being a tiny thing, I figured this would be quick and simple.
At first there was some basic trauma with the pattern - Though it is a really simple and nifty shaping pattern - there was an issue with the pattern repeat (not the Math, the repeat). I would retell my drama but you can read it at the Knitty's Coffeeshop - but there is a happy ending! Well, there will be, when I finish it this weekend! And then you shall see fabulous pictures , really.
(ps - I am making it out of Debbie Bliss Cathay - a lovely cotton/silk/microfiber blend on size 3.25mm addi natura's)

In other crafting news, I have been on a sewing binge. Due to the shopping verboten that I have put myself on (gifts and personal birthday do not count!), I am forcing myself to work through my fabric stash and make a few new outfits. The linen will be the skirt and the voile, a shirt - i made the pattern for both from store bought perfect fittings items. I bought the linen somewhere between Montana and New Jersey after I, ahem, left grad school (long story but 4.0 is all i'm saying). I think I needed a depression fix somewhere around Chicago and drinking and driving is not recommended. And the voile is from Hancock Fabrics.

I have been trying to post the picture of the hopeful end result - but no more pictures today - i promise to show you on Sunday! I am driving up to Jersey to see the mom and the rest of the family. I cut everything out at work today but no time to sew - which i can do at mom's. Oh! and we are going to see SPAMALOT and hit the Fabric District! Very exciting!

So tschuess! Bis Sonntag!

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