30 May 2006

oops! (blogging is hard)

Just a brief post today - my feet are sore and the day is not over yet! NYC is the place to be and now we are off to SPAMALOT - I promise to write more tomorrow abut my fabric and yarn shopping adventures.

RE the OOPs factor - i just found out that i had the comments set that only people with Blogs could comment - sorry about! html is hard man - there is a reason i was a theatre major...

more from me tomorrow


Lynne said...

So egalitarian of you to let all of us, even the great unwashed blogless masses, talk back. You sound just like yourself in writing, which I hope for in blogs. And yeah, baby, that caramel covered cheesecake looks sooooooo fine. How can you possibly go back to ordinary chow after that???

Krawuggl said...

Hi Marietta,
I have just discovered your blog. Why haven´t you told me - it´s so nice to be here and read your posts, and that´s what I am going to do right now!
Have a great time and week,