24 May 2006

"Knit or get off the pot" is here!

No fabulous witty words as of yet - but i am working on it. I figured I had a few days rest from the LAND OF OZ (also known as the theatre where I work) with the holiday weekend and a birthday coming up. And we got a new computer at home.

How should one celebrate? Become a sheep and start a knitting/sewing/whatever blog!

And yes there are cats...'cause who doesn't want cats?

There will be pictures of said cats and the knitting and the crocheting and some of those things I sew, costumes, yes.

There will be the occasional crazy knitting story - the annoying designer story (which at times is about me)- the obligatory "husband just doesn't get my crafting" story and so on.

Oh and the name of this blog - blame the husband - who shall be known as Fritz. Which is actually his nickname, not some blogland name.

Okay have to go - Fritz would like the (read: his) computer back - needs to do work or something important like that :)

more tomorrow....

1 comment:

tomato100 said...

I look forward to reading your adventures! Okay, now it's back to the garden.....