28 May 2006

Best cheesecake ever and late night sewing...

Is this not yummy? Since my birthday is this wednesday and this is a holiday weekend - my mom decided that we should have a birthday party while I am in town. And this is the most fantastic cheesecake EVER. It is called the Victorian made with Chocolate Mousse - and you can get it at TastyCoco in Caldwell, NJ. Oh yes! That is whip cream and caramel on top of the chocolate-y goodness......yummmmm. I know what I am eating for the next three days!!!! So good, I tell you!

Before I left for the holiday weekend I cut out the lovely linen and voile to make a skirt and blouse. And I did - last night - or I should say early morning - It was around 1:30 am on Saturday when I finally got off the computer and down to my mother's basement to do some sewing.
Now, I know that I am not going to look like my size 8 mannequin, shown here, at left, with the orginal outfit that I copied to fit me...especially when sewing into the wee hours of the night. So I am pretty happy with how it looks on 5' 10" (1.75m), size 20 me. Though it is hard to take a picture of one's self in the mirror. I had to flip the image so the whole - wrapping the shirt right over left-wasn't backwards. And the shirt is missing the lovely waistband/tie - but it was 4:30am est and there was no interfacing to be found - and the voile is lined - so i cannot complain too much about the end result. And to make me feel better the skirt really needs to come in about 2" at the waist. I am also quite pleased that the hem came out even - especially when there was no one around to mark the hem (I don't think my mom would've appreciated a 4:30am wake up call) and I am crooked (one hip higher than the other).

As a cutter/draper (Schneiderin, auf Deutsch), I don't get much time to have enough energy to be all super anal for my own sewing - so it was just nice to make something that was not work related. And it was nice to have a little summer party outfit.

And now a little gratuitous "knitting" content, in honour of my Mom (which I will explain tomorrow):


fritzenstube said...

Whilst Marietta is in New Jersey, Fritz secretly converts her sewing room into a wood working shop. Or…I know, A BREWERY!!! YEAH!!! MWAAAHAAAHAAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marietta said...

du bist so Gemein! (look it up)