29 May 2006

Knitting Tomatoes...

or - Why I think my mom is cool. (Can that be any more 4th grade?) –
Well, she is – and I am not just saying that ‘because she reads my blog (HI MOM!)

For example: When I was little and told my mom I wanted to go to college to become an actor; she said, “Great!” When I changed my mind in the 8th grade and told her that I wanted to become a lawyer; she said, “Not with my money!” And I was quite happy to change my mind and go to school for theatre – the only thing that changed was that I realized I had no acting talent whatsoever and should work in costumes - fortunately for me (and the world of Law). So I ended up with a double major in Theatre and German - and they paid :) (along with help from the US govt, of course)

So I have every right to blame my mom for my life in the arts. You know what’s scary about that? She thinks *I’m* the normal one! When the “normal” one in the family works in theatre, it doesn’t say much about your definition of normal, now does it? But then again would you trust a woman’s idea of normal if her house looked like this:

To be fair, we children and my dad did buy more than half of the over 100 tomato items. But we are not the ones who stenciled the underside of the toilet seat with a tomato! Though, I am fond of this tomato lady – I am hoping of someday turning it into a stencil and doing something like this

When I went to my 10 Year High School Reunion a few years back and people asked me if my mom still collected tomato things. People, who had probably been to my house once or twice for a cast party after a show, remembered my mom and her tomatoes! Pretty nifty, when you think about it.

Must be off to bed nice and early! Going Fabric shopping in NYC! Cannot wait! And thanks to Jan at be*mused, I will be off to more than just the fabric district – I will be checking out Purl Patchwork, City Quilter and Kinokuniya (now I can get those Japanese craft books everyone has been going on about!) – And maybe a few yarn stores in-between!


Tusa said...

Hi there. Just thought I should introduce myself to a fellow newbie. I started blogging last w/e too. So far... HTML a challenge. How are you getting on with this side of things?

Oh - yeah and check me out too! www.knitplosion.blogspot.com

Krawuggl said...

Those plates are so nice, I want them all, I love bright and sunny things!