10 March 2008

i didn't forget

there was all this build up to today and what it would mean....so i spent the week being mentally and emotionally exahausted and today arrives and all i can do is laugh! and well, smoke the first cigarette in the last 20 months! (just the one, i promise)

Cheers to you Daddy!

gold dad

dad in COMEDY OF ERRORS - he can so work that gold lame! He is FIERCE!

and no i couldn't bring myself to light a yahrzeit candle - i was worried that the baby would climb the bookcase and knock it over :) i am truly a mom - shoot me now!


futuregirl said...

XOXO, Marietta. He *is* working that gold lame. :)

madhatter said...

definitely! ^-^

i will light your yahrzeit candle when i light the candle for my dad tonight. no kids around here, so no worries about dropping it, and i don't think he would worry about it being a day late, no?

ladylinoleum said...

He was looking pretty darn spectacular!

Big hugs to you!