18 March 2008

never enough time

No, I haven;t vanished - I just have been way busy! And getting ready for USITT - hoping to learn many things to make me a better costume shop manager and/or designer.

Max will be on his first plane ride early in the morning with just ME!!!
Fritz left this evening - later than expected due to hailstorms and the like in Texas.

WE'll be staying with friends all week - i hope they still like us after spending 5 days with us and the baby! We'll see......

And we will be flying back on the Sunday the 23rd....Max's first bday!!!!

He has already had a head-start at the yarn store!


futuregirl said...

I'm totally digging his sideburn curls!

madhatter said...

you didn't get him some needles and yarn? ;)
have fun in your holidays! ^-^

Kathy said...

He gets cuter by the minute!

Have fun!