23 March 2008

one year ago today.....

this little guy was born:

3 days old

in order to celebrate this occasion, i made bought, cupcakes from the grocery store on our way home from the airport - made a little crown and we started here:

1st birthday 01

and ended here:

1st birthday 26

there were a few stops in between :)

it ended in a bubble bath - no pics but i think you get the idea

as for USITT - we had a great time and we are exhausted! I will post yarn store reviews along with a few restaurant reviews - there are places that you defintley want to go when you are in Houston, and there is one or two that you should never eat at, no matter how cool the name!


futuregirl said...

What a cutie! Cupcakes ... yum.

Katherine said...

Aww. So cute it's barely even fair. Happy birthday to him!