10 February 2008

We go shopping!

(warning: no knitting content today, but there is fabric!)

I am a slacker of a blogger, I know. But i have a legitimate excuse. Several of them, actually.

  1. we opened a show
  2. the baby was sick
  3. fritz was sick
  4. the baby was sick again
  5. I was sick again

Did I mention that the baby was sick? As it turns it out, the entire eastern seaboard (okay, i exaggerate) and their children has some sort of flu-plague :) The adults go quick - but the babies can take up to 3 weeks to get better and that is a lot of diapers, if you know what i mean. So that explanation covers 2-4. What about #1?

#1 is all about LOST AND FOUNDLING, a sort of fairy tale told inside a big box store.

L to R:Susan lynskey, Chris Mancusi, Taisha Cameron, Mark Krawczyck

At first I wasn't sure about designing this show. I occassionally have a mental block with contemporary shows. I think it is because most designers want to create something that is fantastical, be it historically accurate or a fantasy piece (such as THE NEVERENDING STORY - which is our summer show or HEIDI - which we might do next year and i so want to design it!)- which leads to fabulolus elegant fabrics and creating items that are not practical. But I really loved this design because of the every-day quality of the characters. There is a lot of body padding for several characters, ie: saggy boobs, big bottoms and big bellies.

There is also a lovely review over here. Okay, it is the Washington Times and not the Post, but it is a very nice review that actually gives me props. I will now pat myself on the back :) If and when there are more reviews, i will post them. There are always links posted on the theatre home page.

One of my favourite moments in the show is the Never Ending Line - and the song GO SHOPPING by Bran Van 3000 (from the soundtrack for Y tu mamá también)
has become the shows unofficial anthem - minus the dirty parts of course.

Here is the video from the band along with the entire song - it goes on a bit - but you get the idea after the first 2 or 3 minutes of how this song fits our strange little show (again, minus the dirty bits of course - 'cause this is children's theatre after all...)

As for my own shopping, there has been way too much fabric buying over the last 2 months. Some I blame on work. I mean, I HAVE to go fabric shopping for working and I HAVE to go to the thrift store where i end up seeing cute fabric like this:

just a fat quarter for 99 cents along with 1 yard of hot pink cotton/poly blend

and then this:

the blobs are about 4 inches wide. i am thinking purse or apron - who knows. I think there was at least 3 yards worth in pieces for about $5.00. Ideas anyone?

But the scary part is this here:

do you see it? look a bit closer....yep! who over owned this fabric before me, had intended to make a jumpsuit out of it, maybe for a 6 foot tall clown, or maybe as a fashion statement...who knows!

no max pics - sorry to the baby obsessed! but he has not been all that cute latley.


futuregirl said...

Congratulations on the review props! :) I can't believe someone was going to make a jumper out of that fabric. Oy!

madhatter said...

yeah- a jumper! *lol*
i would have loved to see that one finished! ;)

i vote for the apron... maybe with matching hotgloves (or whatever "topfhandschuhe" are called).

(is there a new header again? and a new color scheme? or am i just getting old? anyways - very cool!)

Katherine said...

Nice review! And do I detect a bit of Ikea hacking? If I visit home before it closes I might have to come see that!

Glad to hear everyone's feeling better, hon.

Kathy said...

oh my! But what a find that jumper fabric is---gorgeous (and plentiful!). Wow! I want to go shopping with you some time....

Glad to hear everyone's on the mend. And that's great news on your reviews. We already knew you rock...