28 February 2008

The magic of the bubble gum machine...

This past week has been one of those weeks where all I seem to be doing is bashing my head against a wall in order to solve a problem that those with the control to solve said problem are not willing to do anything about.

Did that make sense? Probably not.

In other words - somebody royally fracked up the budget and I am expected to make something absolutley friggin' fantastic in a non-existant build time with bare bones labour.

So what is a girl to do?

Why go get herself a cup of coffee at the local grocery establishment, and run into this machine:

bubble gum machine

Can you see what it is? Sorry for the fuzzy pic, but i used my cell phone camera to get the quick pic while i was on my way to teach a knitting lesson.

HOW could i resist????!!!! I could not! So i dug 4 quarters out of my pocket, and took my chances. I am sure you could guess which one of these ridiculous 1" tall Pooh Bears I wanted. Well, 2 choices....and I got.....

pooh as fliegenpilz

Can you believe it? I actually got the one i wanted! How rare is that? Very, if you ask me. It is like buying Kinder Ueberraschung Eier and hoping for the latest cute toy and getting the exact one you wanted (which, by the way, never happened).

I think there is a theme for me today:

the latest picture of Max sent home from Daycare. So damn cute!

ps - happy leap year!


futuregirl said...

Lucky, lucky! That's the one I was hoping you'd get. I was so happy when I scrolled down. :)

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot believe that Max and Andrew are old enough to have teeth!
Good Grief, where has the time gone????????

Sorry about the budget woes, that is so not fair! But, a polka dot mushroom pooh head?! That had to be good karma coming your way!

(My word verification code sounds out to say "go fix 'em" SO......go get those budget people!)

Kathy said...

as much as you love the Pooh, you need to send it to the friend who got the magical flie--gen whatever mushroom bag. What a happy thing! You're charmed.

madhatter said...

ooooh! a fliegenpilz-pooh! *-*
i love pooh bear, he's too cute - and so is your max... the pic is to die for! :)

Anonymous said...

You should try for a complete set as ornaments!!! A Very Pooh Christmas!!!
Love from The Mom

Kristin L said...

Awwwww. Will you be trying for gnome Pooh next time?

Krawuggl said...

Congratulations, this is like searching for a Nadel im Heuhaufen, wie es hier hei├čt. And thanks a lot for your lovely words, I appreciated them so much!