13 February 2008

In the POST baby!

As promised, here is another review of our latest show. This one is in the WASHINGTON POST! And I am mentioned by name! More patting on the back!
The Never Ending Line
Photo credit: Scott Suchman


futuregirl said...

Kick ass!

jill said...

Pryce encounters a bride, a football player (with helmet), and other eccentric figures standing in Price-Mart's equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle: The Never-Ending Line. What are these patient people waiting for? Who knows? But pretty soon, everybody will want one.

I find it hard to believe the reviewer didn't take the opportunity to make a Godot allusion.

But anyway, you go, girl!

AnnaleBanana said...

Congrats, Mare! That's awesome! :)

Kathy said...

Marietta, me and all three girls are reveling in your fabulous work and reviews! Yippee! The pics are great--Anna keeps saying "I can't believe Miss Marietta was in the Washington Post---that's so cool!"

I didn't tell her about the Times---she's a little impressionable for that...