29 January 2008

A doll's life

I am not one to get into the Blythe craze (tho they are cute and i love the fact that you can change their eye colour on a whim) or any other doll obsession. But one of my yarn customers asked me to make a dress for a Madame Alexander doll as a gift to her niece, and i couldn't resist.

Ms R has given her niece a Madame Alexander doll every year for her birthday and now it is the big one - her Bat Mitzvah. Apparently, they do not make a Bat Mitzvah doll - so Ms R asked me to make one for her. She asked me to copy her niece's dress for the Madame Alexander doll - as well as crochet a little pink kippa (made from Patricia Roberts 2 ply cotton - hey it is a yarn type blog after all).

Here is the original dress:

And here is the doll:

It was so much fun to make something that you would know would be appreciated and loved. And it was a great distraction from tech week along with a very sick Fritz.

Our latest show, LOST AND FOUNDLING, opens this weekend. It is a sweet little story (as told in a video here) about a little girl Found in the Mega Price Mart and raised there by its employees...and then it is a bit of a fairy tale ala Red Riding Hood or Alice in Wonderland. I hope to have pics by the end of the week - my batteries died just before the final dress and i wasn't able to take pictures.

and gratuitious baby shot - or i should say baby butt shot:


Joufknister said...

The doll dress looks PERFECT! My daughter had a Madame Alexander doll that she took to as soon as she could grab something. And she had "Sissy" with her everywhere we went.

Of course, baby shots are ALWAYS appreciated.

Kathy said...

an adorable tush and an amazing bat mitzvah dress for little Madame.

Dove Knits said...

That's awesome!

Krawuggl said...

The baby shoot is incredible cute! I believe it was extremely hard for you not to wake him up and cuddle him.

lb said...

I have a daughter that is having a bas mitzvah. Could I pay you to make a dolls dress like hers?? thanks

Marietta said...

lb - please email me at knit-or-get-off@hotmail.com (there was no contact info for you via blogger)