21 January 2008

the life of a leather jacket

This once lovely leather jacket was purchased by me for Fritz on our "sort of honeymoon."

I say "sort-of" because our honeymoon happened about 6 months after our wedding (as we were busy opening a show the weekend after our wedding. We went to Williamsburg, VA for the historic aspect and Busch Gardens. (We also spent 6 weeks or so working for this theatre in Germany about 2 months after the wedding, so that was our other "sort-of honeymoon") It seems we also went for the shopping. So I bought this jacket for Fritz and he wore it - alot. But the cats liked to claw at it when he forgot to hang up. It had been repaired, and then shredded buy pointy sharp claws again and again.

Well now Fritz does not fit in this lambskin leather jacket and I couldn't just donate it to my costume stock at work - or give it away to GoodWill. So i repurposed it!

igel und fliegenpilz

I mean, really! Aren't those the cutest little shoes you have ever seen? (okay you might have seen cuter, but just nod your head in my general direction and PRETEND they are the cutest little baby shoes you have ever seen)

I made 2 pair using the pattern found here.
The first pair was a plain black pair, no decoration - and since i blew up the pattern 1.25% they are HUGE!!!! Toddler size, at least.

So I went back to the original pattern and compared it to the shoes he wears now (a la target). So I amde the original pattern, added some decoration (he is only 10 month old now and he can't say NO yet - heehee) and they fit Max FABULOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is plenty of leather left over. I am thinking baby biker pants!

And now for gratuitous baby picture - with Daddy:

max and daddy in the kitchen3

edited 1/24/2008 to add shoe pattern link.


Janey said...

What cute shoes...certainly the cutest I've ever seen!

futuregirl said...

Those shoes are so smart! Durable and warm. :)

madhatter said...

there you have a cute little helper to put your things on your cupboards after shopping, huh?! ^-^
lovely shoes, your baby always goes out in style! no tigerente? ... but the hedgehog is oh-so-cute!

A-C said...

The shoes are amazing. You are so inspiring on the sewing machine! Hope you're staying warm in DC...Say hi to Jacqui and Lew for me next time you see them.

Theresa said...

YOU DID NOT!! omg, those are the cutest shoes I have ever seen! You didn't put the link for the pattern on your site, but they look like the one from Stardust Shoes. Is that it? I have the pattern, just not the motivation. Do they stay on his feet well?

Kathy said...

You are so ridiculously clever, M. Really. If I were you, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night because I would just chortle endlessly at how clever I would be..! Gawd. You rock.

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing shoes! C. U. T. E.
(Well, maybe H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E. is a better description!).

I also have the pattern for these shoes, maybe someday I will put the knitting needles down. Maybe. Someday.

:-) Amanda (gr8aunt)

Amelie said...

wow, Marietta, those are brilliant! What a great re-use of the leather!

lillysmum said...

How funny! That is exactly what I am doing with a leather jacket! Mine is buff colored, though, so I can dye them and make several colors!
thanks for the comment on my blog. Lilly occasionally has baby nightmares as well, and it is hard to snap her out of them. Freaky.
She is starting to skip her 3 am feeding, though, which is a relief.
The keyboard and monitor is awesome!