25 September 2006


Beauty is basically open!!!! (Official party next Saturday September 30th) Yeah! And my nausea is really starting to subside…which means, I think, that I can resume my regular routines of blogging and personal crafting – until the next show that is.

Here are some lovely pictures of a few of the things we made the week before last – some of the pics are not that great since these are taken by me and not the professional photographer (which I plan to nab a few when I can get the disk later this week):

more aurora and family

more princess and queen

Check out our theatre’s home page and you will see (eventually) and fabulous picture or two and links to the reviews – which of course I will post (if they are nice) for all to see.
Yvette M Ryan designed these fab costumes and was great to work with – so I hope to get to work with her next season as well (she also made the yummiest Poppy Seed cake covered in powdered sugar along with lemon curd to smother on top….OH it was good and it stayed down!)

In other news – the lovely Alice of futuregirl – made me the most amazing handbag! Check it out:

coolest bag ever

Am I not a lucky girl? I am! I know! It is perfect and fabulous and I so wanted to lie and say I made it when asked….but the crafty-gods of Karma got the better of me and I did not…..

The stick has been thrown by my favourite mad hatter –a meem about the Who, What, Where, When and Why of my blog – but I will have to answer that one tomorrow.

I was working on socks – but decided I hated the pattern and 3” in I ripped them out. So I decided to start this crochet project instead:

suisse bag1

Not done yet – but it is the beginnings of a crocheted purse from THE HAPPY HOOKER. The book calls it the “red-cross purse” – but in my case it is the it is a Suisse Flag purse – it is for Katherine – my fabulous new assistant (cannot sing praises enough for her) who happens to be Swiss German/American (and she speaks Hoch Deutsch, not dialect, as well as beautiful French and Spanish).

***oh and according to a staff meeting today: it is unethical of me to blog while on company time. Well, I wouldn't be at work today if I didn't have to be here for the company meeting. All our notes are at the drycleaners (just 1). And I try to close the costume shop the monday after a show is up and running since not much else is going and we really need a break...so which is unethical? - not giving me time off after working a very long week...or blogging when there is nothing else to do? (cause you know, i could do this at home)


katrin said...

the costumes for your sleeping beauty look great!
looking forward to seeing your swiss flag purse - looks good already.
(you´re not unethical. when there´s nothing to do others go out smoking... you blog. where´s the problem?)

jill said...

I'm so jealous - you have a futuregirl bag! With birdies!

...Okay, not so jealous that I'll swap you the Schacht for it, but jealous, okay?

Gah. The proper question at work should be, "Are you doing it?" (Your work, that is). Subsidiary questions: "Is it getting done on time? Are you helping others (or getting in their way?" In other words, "Are you doing what you're paid to do?"

If you are (and we know you are - we've seen the photographic evidence), then they should STFU.

In other news, I miss my Marietta. Are you going to be at Woolwinders on Thursday? I've been booked solid the last few Saturdays...

Whimsical Knitting said...

Oh, the costumes and set are fabulous! Happy to hear that your nausea is subsiding!

Tusa said...

Hey. Good to hear the nausea is going. How does your bump grow? By the way nice purse - I am partial though as I love the Swiss too.

Dove Knits said...

Wow, what a gorgeous show!

And you can justify blogging at work, because it's advertisement.

corinna said...

i love the swiss flag purse!!!!

how are you?