10 September 2006

gold paper packages tied up in string!

(so meant to post this on friday)

Yesterday was a long day at the theatre...but going home was fabulous! There was a fabulous package wrapped in gold paper with yellow Deutsche Post stickers on it :-)

Of course, the camera was at the theatre and not at home, so there are no pictures of the fabulous gold wrapping; but here are the pictures of the yummies inside:

gold paper packages...

As you can see, Vivi has gone out of her way to make such a lovely package. There are lovely fabrics which are in autumn colours, and SOCK YARN!!!!!!!!!! (I am now tempted to rip my other socks off the needles and cast this on). Also a souvenir from the world cup (sweeties) and two cool little pink fobs that look like little sweaters. What was so nice was the little handmade something - Vivi made a little case out of this very soft loden green wool for pens (with pens inside) and a matching book cover for a blank journal, included :-). So I think Vivi has been sneaking around my house because I love blank journal books. I mean I have them in every bag (and I have a lot of bags) as well as one or two floating around the costume shop and my apartment. I sketch a lot - crazy design ideas for costumes or crazy knitting ideas - or lists upon lists of things I want to make or do.

It was really quite perfect! Vielen dank Vivi!

Of course I am feeling serious guilt because she has yet to receive her package which I mailed around August 10th. She shipped hers to me on the 29th. German post better than USA post wahrscheinlich? Keine Ahnung!

And thank you to everyone - such nice thoughts about my Linda Blair routine :-) You might want to pass on some of those thoughts to Fritz - after all, he is the one holding back my hair every night - heehee. And thank you for the Tigerente offers - so nice!!!

I am not quite sure when/where I will be going - I waiting for another 2 weeks (when everyone tells me that this constant nausea will be over) to see how I feel before I book anything. I also need to convince friends that they want a crazy pregnant woman staying with them for about 5 days...so that is either Hamburg or Wien....ahem...we shall see who wants to put up with me! I am crazy when not pregnant and hormonal. And now I am pregnant crazy minus alcohol and cigarettes. Yes, really! For those of you who know me well, I have not had a cigarette in 4 weeks and 5 days (and yes I am counting). Have had the occasional ½ glass of wine or sip of beer - which is just fine...looking forward to that one glass I will have of the end of season white wine - really sweet - good gespritzt...ummmm.... Federweissen in Germany? And sturm in Austria?

Okay, getting hungry again...germknoedeln (yes, I am getting food obsessed since I can't keep it down) Tchuess!


Tusa said...

Hiya! Hope your all day sickness thing is easing up. It does really... although I didn’t believe it either. After the 12th/13th week it just sort of disappeared and I felt somewhat normal.

We saw our little one too! It was wonderful to see him/her - really active. I believe I can now feel him/her, ever so lightly though, one would pass it for wind, but we won’t go into that one!

futuregirl said...

That is an awesome package! I love hearing about all your food fantasies. :) I'm so excited for you!!! p.s. I'm not a lawyer, but wouldn't the Fantasy Carriage Crib be considered child abuse? Ha! Especially paired with the evil squirrel poised overhead waiting to pounce? :)

Oh, dude! I just noticed it's $15K. WTF? Double-ha!

Dove Knits said...

Wow, what a nice package!

Suzanne said...

M- I've been absent. Congratulations on your wonderful news. All the throwing up is rough, but worth it. And yes they do grow up and go off to not only college but much, much more. Happy for you.....
p.s. the package contents are wonderful.

Whimsical Knitting said...

Very nice gift package!!!
As for the missing package, you can put a trace on a package in the US, I'm not sure of the info that is needed, but you can check @ USPS.com
Congrats on not smoking!! Being an ex-smoker who quit smoking about 127 times before I was successful I know how hard it is...WTG!!!

katrin said...

oh, such a nice package! and even the paper looks pretty :)

and - you´re right. germknödel ARE delicious!

Vivi said...

I'm so sorry but i've totally missed to tell you the Päckchen has arreived. Now i have posted it.
I'm happy that you like the things for you and you are right: I did a little tour around your hous or maby by my best frend wich has nearly the same job ( in Germany it is a little bit diffrend)as you.
Nochtausendmalentschuldigung für die verspätete Rückmeldung und liebe Grüße Vivi