16 September 2006


Oh yeah! Vivi has gotten her packechen! Es freut mich sehr. I was so worried that the USPS had lost it or the German Customs Office had thought that when I wrote "gift" on the customs form, they thought I meant "poison"instead of present! I was considering making her a second package and sending it out - i felt so bad that it hadn't showed up yet..
Check out Vivi's page and you can see the pictures.

I made the purse out of a felted wool/rayon blend. The motif is actually one of the ladies from one of the fat-quarters I gave Vivi. I photo-copied it, enlarged the image and then turned it into a stencil, using freezer paper.
Instead of paint, I used maube a Tablespoon of bleach and 1/2 Cup or so of hot water (hot water activates the bleach quicker) to remove the colour, rather than add colour. Then, I reinforced the image with interfacing and satin stitched on the machine around it. It was sooo cool! And I cannot wait to make it again!

We are going into tech for SLEEPING BEAUTY starting tomorrow - so life has been busy...Tomorrow is the first time that the actors will be in costume - and i will take lots of pictures of all the yummy velvet :)

starting to feel better....knock on formica! Ate a whole box of kraft mac-n-cheese the other night. Took me an hour, but i did it and it stayed down! Not sure if i should be proud of this or not....hmmm


katrin said...

unfortunately i can´t comment on vivi´s blog, so i do it here:
you picked *wonderful* fabrics, and the bag is just adorable - again you prooved taste and style - it´s really amazing :)

oh, ps: a whole box of kraft macn-n-cheese?
dear, i´m not pregnant. but i wouldn´t be able to keep that down! ;)

Anne-Caroline said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! So - what's your due date? Have you guys gotten your big ultrasound yet?