05 October 2006

my mom is so cool!

okay so yes it is tue - she does read my blog - but that is not why she is so cool. Not only is she cool cause she came down last wekend and cleaned out the closets in my apartment and helped figure out rearranging for baby ( sat in pj's all day and watched - don't tell my siblings) BUT
my mom is cool because she bought my not-yet-born-alien, this:

Is that not the cutest baby hat you have ever seen? what is even niftier about this ha, is that it is made from QIVIUT - which just happens to be the Eskimo word for "down" or "underwool." Basically, the fiber is from the belly of the musk ox - a large hairy beast which has been around since the Ice Age (check out the wikipedia entry here)

Anyway - it is so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFT! softer than cashmere i tell ya!

This kid better like hats is all I have to say!

in other news: still nauseous :(

ps - bloggin' while at work!!!! oooooh! but i have also made 2 tshirts today (need to cover the belly that will not suck back in now) and made two ren faire costumes - will take pics and post tomorrow :) Really i could be elsewhere right now - so no tneeded for once! Sick of cleaning! (Which Fritz will tell you, and I am proud to admit, I never do at home so how can I be sick of it) Every time I organize the desk, it gets messy with other stuff. So why bother? (Kind of like making the bed efvery ay - you are only coming back 16 hour later to mess it up again!)

PPS - guess where I will be in 10 days?


futuregirl said...

I think *everything* should be made from fiber from the belly of the musk ox. How hilarious (and comfy) would that be?

jill said...

I thought "Quiviut" was Inuit for "the softest-ass crap you ever touched." Clearly, I was wrong.

Okay - I'll bite: WHERE WILL YOU BE IN TEN DAYS?????

Tini said...

I guess you are going to be in Vienna?

Anonymous said...

what a lovely hat! :) your mom seems to be one of the nicest moms on planet (comes right after my own mom, i guess *gg*)
so: did you think of a name (or names) yet? i´m so curious!

don´t forget to meet us, if you come nearby ;)

Whimsical Knitting said...

WOW, you do have a cool mom! Love the hat..I'm so jealous!

Tomato said...

Wow! To find myself the subject of a healine in Mar's blog - you make my day, dolly, as always.

Dove Knits said...

What a cute lil hat!