21 December 2007

handmade xmas going strong

i am not going to say who i have been making these items for, so those of you who are expecting a gift in the near future will just have to guess! :)

i have been frequenting the Sew Mama Sew blog like a crafting fiend!
Originally i was not going to make these - but once they started to post ones made by other viewers, i was hooked!

so here are my little tissue holders - ridiculous and cute!
tissue cases all

tissue cases closup
I am also thinking of making them to use for feminine products. I am making them to match all those bags I have cut out and still need to make.

I also am hooked on these bags:

tweed accessories bag

I found the tutorial via Sew Mama Sew! ( i think) or it was Whip up! Well written and so quick to make! Check out the cute lining.

I have blown the pattern up 1.25 times, using the photo copier to make a slightly bigger size. There will be more of those later.

And last but not least , my little notebook:
tweed notebook

I have no idea where i got the idea for this - either it came in a dream or a blog-hopping fog. Inside view here.

I am still not quite ready for the holidays! I mean hannukah has come and gone without the pomp and circumstance, why not Xmas? I am feeling the xmas stress.......

more cool gifties to post next week!


madhatter said...

cute! ^-^
don't forget to show them with the matching bags!

love that label you got there!!!

Kathy said...

VERY cute stuff! and you know what? I've got TONS of leftover fabrics and trims from Mullen movie night---I think I know what I'll be up to when the kids go back to school! Happy New Year, lady. Need to see you soon!

serrose said...

Hi from Japan :)
I like so much your blog
I wanna sew but i dont know nothing and i wanna start tissue holders but so much diffuclut for me :(