14 December 2007

Fun at work

In the midst of making the 16 quilt squares, there has also been alot of Secret Santa-ing happening in the ISI building. People get a little insane and have a fabulous time doing it.

Apparentley, my Secret Santa has been reading my blog (Hello!) and discovered that I might like this:

fliegenpilz and max

IS THAT NOT AMAZING!!!!!!!???????????

I am going to assume she made it (and i will assume it is a she since there are only 3 men in the company who are playing). And if she did, I would like to know who has been hiding their very mad embroidery skills from the Costume Shop Manager (me)

The patch on the left is Max, from Where the Wild Things Are. And the one on the right is the most glorious Fliegenpilz patch i have ever seen. Actually it was a little folder that had a mini packet of tissues tucked into it (for my runny nose suffering from the plague an all).

I might put the Max patch on something I make for the baby or just frame it. And the Fliegenpilz might go on a purse or as a patch on a pair of jeans .....for now i will just admire it and love it.
I received 3 other very cool items - but the Fliegenpilz is tops!


Kristin L said...

OMG! Those are great! I think Max should definitely be framed -- maybe sewn onto a piece of "wild" fabric first. Oh, and if you can't decide what to do with the fliegenpilz, you could always send it to me ;-)

Kathy said...

Fabulous! Both pieces are really cool with great potential. Lucky you!

Marietta said...

i am taking kristin up on her idea but not up on her offer :) no no fliegenpilz is just for me :)