23 December 2007

conversations late at night

Fritz: What kind of pie are you making for Christmas?
Me: A crème pie
F: What kind of crème pie?
M: I don’t know, a crème pie – whatever my cookbook book calls for.
F: But I want you to make a Bavarian crème pie…
M: Well, what do you want me to do to make it Bavarian?
F: I want you to add a Bavarian to the pie .
M: So you want me to go out tomorrow, hunt down a Bavarian, chop him up and put him in the pie?
F: Yes –but no lederhosen, the leather would make it a bit tough to eat
M: I don’t think I know how to make a bavarian crème pie
F: Well ask the internet– it knows everything.... What about a boston crème pie?
M: You want me to put Bostonians in a pie?

I do know a few bavarians.....


madhatter said...

note to self: don't hang around mariettas place around christmas time, you might get shot ´cause you're creamy.... *gg*

wishing the best of all christmasses and creme pies for you & your two men!

ps: i'll send you the receipe for "bayerische creme" asap... remind me of it!

Anonymous said...

Hej Marietta,
hope your hunt was successful :o).
Our every-time-discussion: "what's for eats?" My husband dont like meat, our daughter Anna (5 years) wants just meat, Felix (* 24.4.2007) has his own babyfood and I have the work...
I wish you a very happy holiday, hope to see many pics from Max (was always exciting to read your blog during "our" pregnancy :-)
best regards

Marietta said...

so no bavarians, or bostonians :)
but there are now more pics of Max (finally - i know!)

Kathy said...

I'm having a friend for dinner---great with fava beans and a merlot...

futuregirl said...

I thought of you today while picking out a donut. I decided to eat a Vanillanian. The cream they make is so tasty.