30 November 2007

Purses, Schmurses!

So a few days ago i gave you a little peek into my Holiday Madness.

Well here is more!

more holiday sewing

The Fliegenpilz bag is made of fabric I purchased last summer in NYC at Purl Soho. The buttons are from a new store near me that has just opened. (they come in green, blue, red, white and burgundy).

Their online page is lousy - does not do the store justice one tiny bit! And so much of their stock is not online. Here is a hint of what I bought on my first purchase. (yes, I said first. There has been a 2nd)

The green cordoroy bag is for a co-worker who has been one of my "new-mommy gurus."
I added appliques and a pocket on the outside and buttons from my new dealer.

The trial run began with the wool tweed fabric from my stash. The lining is also from Purl Soho. It is a Heather Ross fabric.

Really - check out the Handmade Holiday month at Sew Mama Sew! And while you are at it, don't forget to check out Whip Up for their latest roundup of crafting (featuring the lovely Alice).

And in the middle of the madness I have been crafting a few other things - and have been creating a mini-tutorial of my own. We shall see if I can get it all done and posted it by the end of the weekend.

oh goodness it is well after midnight - so need to get to bed!

ps: the purse pattern is here (the schematic should be a trapezoid, not a rectangle)


madhatter said...

those bags are to die for!
lucky recipients you will have! :)

futuregirl said...

Awesome bags! :) I hadn't seen the Whip Up post ... thanks for the heads up.

Tusa said...

Hey crafty mama! Thanks for visiting. I love motherhood and now getting that little bit more time (after midnight) to knit. More panic knitting than anything really. How are you all getting on? Love the recent creations - I always love your creations.

Kathy said...

OH! Oh! Oh! MINE!