22 November 2007


Let's just assume i am greatful...and thankful and all that. I know. It is Thanksgiving here in the USA and everyone is writing something beautiful and poetic about how they are greatful for all they have in their lives......Like! Gag me with with a spoon!

No. Really. I AM thankful for many things.

And now i can return to the knitting! There are always 80 million projects in the works. But the one that seems to be getting the most time and energy from me is a Log Cabin Blanket. Which i completley blame on Ravelry for the inspiration. This started as a crocheted afghan for Fritz awhile back and it was not a success. AT ALL! To be honest with myself, it was U-G-L-Y! BUt the knitted version is looking sooo much prettier.

Here is just the beginning.

log cabin blanket

I hope to get it done by the end of the decade....hmmmm...don't hold your breath Fritz! He is lucky that i don't have to mail it to him...that's all i 'm saying.

Gratuitous nekked baby post!

max in the bath

Thank you Amelie and K(n)ittything - you are on the list - now i must figure it all out - thank goodness i have a year! There is a 3rd slot if anyone is interested :)


kittything said...

happy thanksgiving, pretty lady! send my best to fritz and the little one. he is adorable enough to eat with a spoon!

ps-afghan is looking good!

Amelie said...

happy thanksgiving! That log cabin blanked looks very nice. I was trying something similar, but much smaller. Potholders, actually. Still turned out nice ;)
Max is so cute!

futuregirl said...

The ultra saucer is amazing and terrifying! You could get lost in that thing!

Kathy said...

You may PMF! Yippee---I was trying to be decorous since I nabbed the needle roll, but hell---if you still need one, I'm in! When do I have to solicit my PIF folks? When I receive yours (oh please say yes)

OK, Max---to die for, that child. Cuter by the minute and I think I can still smell his sweet head from our last snuggle. Ahhh. Heaven. And exersaucers saved the world and all the Mommies in it. Yay you!

Miss you!