27 November 2007

holiday creating has begun!

Have you all accepted that this is not a pure knitting blog?
I only remind you all of this since the holiday crafting will be heavy on the sewing and light on the knitting or crochet. I blame Sew Mama, Sew.
The month of November is Handmade Holidays Month. And I am going crazy with the craftiness of them all...not enough time in the world (and there needs to be more manly ideas)

I have printed out so many tutorials it is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!!!

And I am having a fabulous time.

Here is a little hint of the beginning of my holiday crafting madness:

holiday peek

the details:

purse details

(did you see the buttons!?!?!?!)

And there have been cookies. I saw Madhatter's yummy cookies and i figured it was time to dig through the magazine recipes i have been saving over the years and make these Iced Gingerbread cookies.


(next week, I will attempt a chocolate shortbread recipe)


futuregirl said...

Those buttons are killer! (my captcha is "geekkie" are they trying to tell me something?)

Marietta said...

yes alice - google is trying to tell you something :)
those buttons come in burgundy and green and blue and they are smaller too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kittything said...

chocolate shortbread.... hhhmmmm... you devastate me, miss mar.

madhatter said...

send it to me, send it to me!
love the hint of the wool bag! and your cookies look yummy²...
i was sick, so i'm currently stuck at number 12. seems i won't make more this year :(

Kathy said...

oh, oh, oh! I looooooove it! All of it! I keep thinking: MINE!

Kristin L said...

I love the fliegenpilz bag -- especially the fabric!