18 October 2007

I'm IN!!!!!

frecklegirl has invited you to Ravelry!
Here you go! Thanks for your interest in our little site.

Did you see that? She said LITTLE site! So funny! Little! HA! HA!

Now this means I need more time to organize my stuff - virtually and in reality! Scary thought - I was thinking about scanning my patterns into the computer and putting them into PDF files and getting rid of the paper-trail (you know, fantasies of moving overseas and all...need less stuff to move)

Also I need to create an on line design portfolio. This is is it - sort of. I need something on a more professional level....another flickr account?

Fritz and me at this year's gala! Aren't we cute - It was the end of the night when this was taken. Hopefully I will post better pics of the dress (finished minutes before the show ended and the party started) when other people send them to me :)


Kathy said...

I'm in, too!

You and Fritz both look amazing. Did you have fun?

futuregirl said...

You guys are super adorable! Can't wait to see more dress detail.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress! Anne-Caroline

Tusa said...

Hey. What a dashing couple you make. Nice dress. Looking forward to seeign you on Ravelry.

Katherine said...

You guys always clean up so nice! Hope Gala was fun this year. :)

I will look you up in Ravelry- I still need to get around to taking pictures and whatnot to post, although looking at my current stash is kinda sad. I've been paring down for the move.