03 October 2007

Opening a show...again

So sorry that I have been out of touch. JUNGLE BOOK just opened this past weekend at Imagination Stage and it is FABULOUS!!! I am sure i have said this before about our shows. But there are times when we do good! :)
The monkeys are HYSTERICAL... unfortunatley, my pictures of them are not great, but you can see a fabulous picture of the tiger, Shere Khan. He is very scary. Or so I hear. Enough for a 3 year old to wet his pants.....well the target audience is 4-10 years old....

As for the knitting and crocheting - there have been socks as usual (no pics) And yet another Angel dress. This time it is punk rock crochet:

cathay angel dress

Pattern: Butterfly Pinafore (but i call it the angel top), McCall's Treasury of Patterns (?) from the early 70's or late 60's (my mom has been making these forever and rediscovered the book at a garage sale several years ago - out of print as far as we know)
Debbie Bliss Cathay - not quite 2 skeins
Hook: F or G....can't recall
Check out the adorable buttons

The sweet angel that is my son is pushing to NOT make it to 1 years old. Lots of lack of sleeping, which also means lack of knitting and crocheting. Doesn't he realize that Mommy has a habit? And she needs her fix?!?!?!?!
Guessing not....

gratuitous baby picture:

jena and max

as for Ravelry:

You signed up on August 27, 2007
You are #29157 on the list.
6514 people are ahead of you in line.
9983 people are behind you in line.
57% of the list has been invited so far

I am ALMOST there. I was invited to a Ravelry Meet-up this past Sunday, even though i am only on the waiting list. It is good to have friends. Of course, I forgot the camera - so no pics to post. But Max was a rock-star - he even took a nap and Mommy got 4 rounds on 2 sox done. SOOOOO EXCITING!


madhatter said...

there she strikes again... your angel top is TOO cute! XD
i love the punk twist you gave it... and the colors are cooler than cool. do you think you can do this in my size? ^-^
almost can't believe that max grows so fast... but i remember ian growing just as quick... and before you realize they want the keys for your car!

ps: good luck with the show!

Amelie said...

Shere Khan looks great, and so does Max. Try to think about his cuteness and less about the lack of time, it is supposed to get better (or so I hear).

lcook7281 said...

I was searching the web for a pattern that I used as a young girl as a pattern and had remembered the name.... Your mother apparently found it. Will you contact me about possibly getting a copy. I have been looking since I was about 12 years old for this pattern (now 39)