12 October 2007

7 months and a few days

What would be my Dad's birthday is in about 30 minutes. Well, a half hour from when i started this post. Who knows where we will be when i end this post.

He would have been 68. 67 is just too young.

I am not sure how well this reads on your computer, but yes, the type above my dad's obit from last Spring is Chinese. My aunt had this crazy idea while walking through Chinatown (NYC). She figured that Milt loved chinese food and he would appreciate the humour. The funny things is that the chinese food place where we ordered the foor for the memorial service from, recognized him :)

In other news - Saturday night is also the Gala for Imagination Stage - which means, as all not-for-profits do, we are fundraising. This also means that I need a dress and a babysitter. This will be the 1st date Fritz and I have been on without the Baby and not during the day. My sister and brother are coming down to babysit and spend tomorrow with us.

"What about the dress?" You might ask. That is a good question. I am currently reworking a dress that i made 4 years ago - turning it into a shorter cuter cocktail version of itself. Should have taken a before picture.....But you will see the after on Sunday...I hope :)

And while you are waiting to see that - you need to check out this fabric:

Take a closer look if you can. The one on the left is KNITMARE ON ELM STREET. And the second on is QUILT PIRATES. Both by Michael Miller - oh how i love the scissors instead of bones or swords.


madhatter said...

the right fabric is to die for! i totally agree about the scissors! XD

those first birthdays/christmasses/family meetings are always the hardest. but i can tell you that those days will pass by and it will get easier. it won't be the same anymore, but it will be easier with every year.

Kathy said...

fabulous fabric, friend.

so sorry about your Dad. On the first bday following my sister's "passing", I planted a pink dogwood in my yard. It blooms just about her bday every year. I put in some of her ashes and made a big deal of it with her kids... it helps to look out the window and see it there. Bottom line: its hard for a long, long time. Thank goodness for the cats, for Fritz and Maxim. Others, too, like me.

I'll babysit ANY TIME!

Anonymous said...

This is the sister and I wan't to make one thing clear....the brother only showed up after the baby was asleep! Max was a cutie and such a good boy, we had a great time. Thanks for letting us borrow him.

futuregirl said...

What a great obit. :) At the reception after my grandfather's funeral, we had barbecue and balloons, like he always said he wanted (we didn't have the clowns ... because that just seemed creepy). :)

Amelie said...

Those fabrics are great!
The birthdays that are not birthdays any more are hard. And while 67 was too young, I think 68 would have been too young as well, no? I like the idea of the ad. I find anything that is not just sad helps a bit.

kristin L said...

Love the skull and scissors fabric. So cute, but so dark.

Happy birthday to your dada. Maybe we should all go have some chinese food in his honor. It's what we do for my FIL (except his fave food was burgers and beer).