29 July 2007

ikea hack

I love my Ikea bags - you know....those HUGE blue bags that you buy every time you go to Ikea to bring all that stuff you don't need home? You know...this one:

ikea bag before

This bag has many uses as I am sure you know. Great for luggin' laundry back and forth to the theatre or schlepping it down to the laundry room in our building. Also, good to keep in the car for those trips to Sam's Club or Costco or any other store where there aren't bags. Also FABULOUS for show-shopping ....Great for the gross quantities of stuff.

But what about smaller loads of laundry such as baby stuff? Or little shopping trips? I still wanted my ikea bag but it gets so cumbersome when it is only half full. I thought to myself...hmm i really like the size of these Giant Pea Pod bags, but how tacky to carry around a grocery store bag, not to mention it is just plastic and not tarp like my Ikea bag, hmmmm.....

So 30 minutes and 59 cents later I had these:

ikea bag after

Papa bag, Mama bag and Baby "knitting project size" bag.

i guess i can now say:

ikea furniture hacks and mods

gratuitous baby picture:

new stripey max


jill said...

Girl, you rock. I want.

Kathy said...

OK, M; you knew I loved the bags already but that pic of Max? Damn cute! Snugglicious!

madhatter said...

oh, marietta! *lol*
i thought you wanted to carry max around in those bags! XD

tomato said...

Baby pictures are not gratuitous - they are required daily viewing and a great way to start off the week!!! Love from The Mom

penguingirl said...

i wondered about those bags...you gotta show me how you did it.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I'm with Tomato... NO baby photo is gratuitous!! Especially if you are related to said bebe.

Tony L. sent me your way... I knit some (and post about it RARELY) and do all sorts of other peculiar stuff about which I do post intermittently!!

Hope it's cooler there than here... and that it's a 'dry' heat!

Joufknister said...

Now he is just TOOOO STINKIN CUTE!