09 August 2007

99.9 Fahrenheit degrees

*Suzanne Vega song

Okay so it is a million degrees here in the DC area! It is so hot that I am hanging out at Fritz's scene shop keeping cool while the theatre is OUT OF POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So all shows cancelled and no sewing (Don't have any hand sewing to do) No laundry (not using a washboard) and well no posting of new pictures of cute baby sweaters or crocheted bibs that say MAX! (the camera is in the costume shop, along with my swim suit and am not interested in driving all the way there)

But since the baby is at daycare, Fritz and I are FINALLY going to see HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. (we have yet to see PIRATES III or the new BOURNE movie)

Also i am going to take an official blogging break until Labor Day. I have plenty to blog about - have gotten a lot of knitting and crocheting done - working on my stash and finishing objects that i have started oh so long ago.... of lot of repurposing going on too.

Part of the reason is that the home computer is crap and we are geting a new one soon. Also i want to take some time to learn some html and really make this blog into something other than your basic template.

I am very much inspired by SewMad's collages of pic on her blog as well as the look and "feel" of other blogs such as MollyChicken or Moonstitches or a new to me Inside a Black Apple. There are a million more blogs that inspire me and that i love to read - but these blogs (and many many many more) all seem to have this tactile feel that i feel mine is missing.

And since I am an artist in real life , i need to show this a bit more through my blog.

If you are in DC, on Sunday come to Woolwinders and learn to make this cute dress with me!


madhatter said...

dear, my blog IS a basic template... *g*
as the beta blogger uses xhtml instead of "normal" html it's very hard to customize the templates without "breaking" them... i really only made the most simple adjustments you can imagine. (but thanks for the compliment! being mentioned in one row with those other amazing blogs tastes like honey!)

happy knitting on sunday! enjoy!

Tusa said...
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Tusa said...

Oh... I will miss you but look forward to your new look.

I need some advice before you go... I bought sweater wizard after seeing your little ones cardi. But the smallest size is 20" - is that what you used for Max? I am trying to design a little cardi for a newborn and reluctant to do maths after spending money on Sweater Wizard.

Thanks in advance.

futuregirl said...

I would totally be there to crochet with you, if I could. :)

Dove Knits said...

The heat will be the death of me. I'm someone that always has to be doing something, and lately, all I can do is sit in front of the TV. No knitting, no nothing. Just sitting. Sucks about the power being out!

Have fun on your blogging break!

Alex said...

Hey, Marietta, nothing special over here at MOONSTITCHES. Just an ordinary template, a few colour adjustments and a simple banner. I guess a banner would do the trick for your blog, too.

Big Thank You for your compliment though!!
Oh, and of course I would have loved to come. And knit, and SHOP ;-)