11 July 2007

Baby Potter

So I had to do it! In honour of the 5th Harry Potter Movie "The Order of the Phoenix," Max really needed a boy wonder bib. And with the final book being released next week, he will wear this again I am sure :)

The lightening bolt was enbroidered by me by machine. I have become very attached to the free form embroidery aspect on one of the machines at the theatre and have been very much inspired by Kristin LaFlamme's Needle Doodles. I don't have the finess that she has but Iam starting to learn the basics and plan for more little images on bibs ('cause babies drool..a LOT!!!)


Amelie said...

he's such a cutie! Have you had a free evening for the movie yet? I'm planning to go tonight :)

ladylinoleum said...

Awesome bib! The kidlet is pretty darn cute too!

Aeryn said...


I am daughter to Pat, who is Mother to George who works with Fritz. I swing through everyonce in awhile. I love Harry Potter, so I just had to comment! Love the bib. And Max is so beautiful.