08 October 2008

I'm not Dead....yet!

Okay - It has been almost 8 weeks and i have been a bad bad blogger. I even suck at posting pics on flickr! Really!

And there is so much to tell you! Crafting! Life! Crafting! Work! Crafting!!!

Okay to start:
The Cubs have failed me. After 100 years I really thought we could beat it...but this is getting ridiculous. We saw them lose to the Mets the week before it was all over and i couldn't take it. I should have known that it was going to be bad when Max puked into his popcorn bucket.....really..... he did....good training for his college career

That is just the beginning of the good and the bad drama in the KNIT-OR -GET -OFF household.....hint: I will no longer be working here full time (this is GOOD drama)

Partly (is that proper english?) due to this adorable guy:

10-3 2008

10-3 2008 6

10-3 2008 11

new outfit for Max- burda pattern #9617 ,size 18mths, pants and shirt
basic black knit and stripey knit both from GStreet sale table.
started 9/30 finished 10/2

oh but there is so much to tell you!!!!!!!!! i will try to write more often - i promise and there are lots of pictures to show you all.....

and then, just for fun: (i am sure you know it but i had to do it...i was in the mood for consumate v's)


madhatter said...

work? where? there? half a day?
tell us!

Deborah said...

I am very sorry about your beloved Cubs, as a Red Sox fan, I have known your pain and then some. I think RS fans really do want to see the Cubs win, just to end the misery, and it is misery....be well.

Amelie said...

Wow, Max has grown so much! Cute outfit!