28 October 2008

Halloweens past

snow white 001

me circa 1980 or 1981 as Snow White - costume made by my Mom :)

so the next few nights i figured i would upload a few new, but old pictures in the spirit of halloween and all that is costume-y...this is also known as procrastination from doing anything new, such as finishing (starting) Max's halloween costume. He *was* going to be Yoda but.....i have not had the time or energy to make the head piece....so i am thinking just Luke Skywalker....oh! i should get him a stuffed wookie!


madhatter said...

a stuffed wookie?
pictures, please!

of course you could always wrap him into a flokati-carpet and tell him that he IS the wookie... ;)

still love that princess-shot of you - SO cute! ^-^

Amelie said...

a stuffed wookie sounds great :)