22 July 2008

a whole month!

Wow! Has it really been a whole month? Where have I been you might ask? Well no where really. Just at the theatre for most of May and June and trying to recoup during the month of July.

There has been limited personal crafting – but there have been a few things that I wanted to share with you for while but just haven’t had the chance to do so. That baby and that job have been getting in the way of fun sewing. And lack of space to craft at home have made it difficult.

But that is changing very soon:
Here is Fritz:
fritz building

and here they are!!! My new cutting table, ironing table and sewing machine table all built to my specs! (read: really flippin' tall - 42" for the tall tables and 32" for the shorter)

It is still a work in progress. And it will probably take awhile. Nothing is in the ‘cute’ organizational style – old diaper boxes used for storage bins for magazines and single patterns, as well my sewing patterns and a few other random things. I plan on using baby formula tins for notions and trims – and some of those leftover baby jars and tupperwares. There will be one or two more trips to IKEA for better lighting and other organizational tools.

And while organizing the disaster that was our guest room soon to be my personal studio (imagine happy dance here), I started taking pics of my yarn stash to post on Ravelry.
yarn closet A

If you cannot find me there (mafgreene) then check my stash out on Flickr: here and here and here

The sad part is that I found quite a few (read: a crap load) of unfinished projects. The first one will be 5 years old this fall. the 2nd is an on-again, off-again relationship for the last two years...it might grow up to be a lovely blanket someday
fritz cable sweater

knit into crochet manos stria
and let us not forget these lonely socks…..some day they will have a friend

lonely socks

And here is an adorable pic of my boy!
ikea max
Also check me out over at Woolwinders– I was the guest blogger this week pushing the penguin!


Tusa said...

Well done you! On all fronts. Your boy is gorgeous. My girl just started walking and she is little miss independent.

Tusa said...

And she has those plates too! She loves the cups and cutlery as well. I love them too.