22 April 2008

Date night!

And Passover.

Fritz and I went on a date – a grown up date – no Max – just us.
Pretty impressive, I know. We even went to see a grown-up play. We saw THE GOOD WOMAN OF SZETCHUAN over at CONSTELLATION THEATRE. My friend, Yvette, designed the costumes for it (and they were fabulous), and I made one of the costumes for her – this equals free tickets. I love the complimentary ticket system. You work on the show and you get a few free tix. So nice and considerate.
The scary thing is that this is the first time in 5 years that I have taken advantage of my free tix earned elsewhere other than ISI. We really need to get out more. Really!

My mom came down and babysat and both she and the babe both survived! Max has new teeth (again!) coming in and has not been into too much food or sleeping.

It is also the Passover week – no Seders here. Not in the mood this year. We listened to PRARIE HOME COMPANION on the way into DC the other night and there were these Swedish guys singing “Putting on the Ritz” and the ShoeBand siniging a few Passover songs. It was both funny and sad at the same time for me. The Passover songs were in the 3rd segment for the night.

There has been some crafting in the world of KNIT OR GET OFF – well crocheting really. The wonderful world of Ravelry has led me to make these:

2 tawashi

The pattern (in Japanese, of course) can be found here.

It is charted, so rather easy to follow but a bit awkward, due to weaving the circles around one another to create the centre. Once you’ve got that, you are good to go. These were just for practice. But I am thinking of making four of them (reversing the colours on 2 of them) and using that as the front of a bag (and maybe back?), and line it with some fab Asian print fabric – something on a geometric scale?

As for fabric, the latest banner is this fabric, in case you were wondering. I bought it at Capital Quilts, my local quilting shop (well, local to Woolwinders). Along with these guys here:

ah fabric 1

ah fabric 2

All of them are Alexander Henry prints and are from the Vienna or Gustav Klimt collections. The moment I saw them in the store i knew two things 1) they had to be alexander henry prints and 2) they had to be named after something from the Art Nouveau/Jugendstil period.

Skirt or aprons? Or bags? Or stash for now?


Kathy said...

jeez---when you described these fabrics you didn't say HOW gorgeous they are. Klimt...I die for Klimt!

Great fabrics, must say. Some of my purchases are trickling in; I think you'll like them!

Get busy on the translation of the crochet squares, will you!

And by the way---I'm glad you and Fritz had a night out. You're all grown up now.

madhatter said...

wow... a whole night out! must have been wonderful ^-^

for the fabrics (they all are *hrrrrrrch*!):
the banner would make a beautiful BIG bag, the second is perfect for a dress or a skirt and i`d stash the last one for a quilt or something similar... oh, i'm sure you will make something lovely with it! ^-^

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

LOVE that crochet pattern! Really different! Do you have plans for it, like an afghan or something????? Cora