13 April 2008

always another opening - again!

Sorry for the delay! Not much knitting or crocheting at Knit-or-get-off! There has been crochet and knitting teaching and lots of baseball uniform making here.

Our latest show (and world premiere), LOOKING FOR ROBERTO CLEMENTE just opened last night and it is great! Again, we are blessed with an amazing cast. Not a single bitchy comment made during tech week and that says alot!!! Well, not to me anyway :). Here is a link to the video/trailer created by our marketing department.
It is a shame that the music playing behind them is not our cast – it was the recording made by the playwright and composer for marketing and rehearsal purposes. It’s good – but I just happen to love our cast more. The video also has pics of the costumes (designed by Yvette M. Ryan)
Oh and if you want to see what I was running around working on before i went to USITT, check out Yvette's entry here, her design, but I made that! Well, not the headpiece, but the jacket, skirt and breeches (which you cannot see) Sweet review here.

In other news:
I wanted to review some of the shopping, yarn and other, that I did in Houston last month.
The first yarn store I went to was the Mary Charles Yarn store
It is a lovely little shop – upstairs from a very cute little knick-knack shop, Pattywhacks

Yarn first:
Mary Charles was definitely upscale. And so so were some of the prices. Most yarns were reasonable and she had a great selection of Blue Sky Alpaca yarns – never seen the worsted weight wool before and thought that it was really nice. She also had Art Yarns, Colinette, Rowan’s dk weight yarns and Debbie Bliss. She had some other beautiful things, but that was 3 weeks and a show ago, so I admit, I have forgotten.
I did pick up 5 skeins Queensland Kathmandu (i know KFI, bad Marietta) just enough to make Max a sweater. If i ever get to it - or a yummy scarf/shawl.

kathmandu cashmere yarn

Mary Charles herself is really nice and gives great customer service, and she loved on my son (‘cause he is so damn cute!)

Before the yarn store was open, I hit Pattywhacks downstairs, and did some damage:

pattywhack mosaic
Salt and Pepper shakers! Had to get them. Then I saw these:

gnome cards
Gnome shaped playing cards.

And this one on the way out:
live long mushroom box2
The box was made by the store owner's daughter.

I could not resist. There were more items of the Fliegenpilz and Gnome variety, but I had to STOP THE MADNESS. There was yarn to be had, and possibly fabric, so I had to curb the desire for more cuteness. These may be gifts, I may keep them. I have yet to unwrap anything. We shall see.

Gratuitous Baby pic:

max and fritz in black

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madhatter said...

those salt & pepper shakers are awesome! seems you stumble upon fliegenpilz whereever you are :)

love the new header! but it's so black around here, first i was a bit confused ;)
really funky look, though!