25 January 2007

tagged! your it!

(Wow! thought I posted this!)

1) Post 5 things about yourself that you have never posted
2) Tag 5 people whom you'd like to know more about

1) I wanted to be a jockey and race horses at the Meadowlands when I was younger. I also wanted to be a gymnast. Basically, I wanted short people jobs. I cried the day I got on a scale and weighed 110lbs and found out I was 5'3". That was when my growth spurt started in the 7th grade and didn't stop until I was 5'10".

2) I am not the person you want to call Customer Service, that is, if you work for customer service. My close friends like to say that they "went Marietta on customer service" in order to get whatever problem they had fixed. Fritz will call and say “you so don't want me to put my wife on the phone." Admittedly - I have gotten 2 months free electricity, 5 months free gas, 3 month free water, 1 month free cable, free sewing machine repairs, and the list goes on.

3) I don't like to sew. Okay - I do, I just wish I didn't have to do it all day long at work so I could actually enjoy it more for myself.

4) I secretly desire to be Martha Stewart...not her personality and unpleasantness, mind you – just want her house and Birkin Bag. And the appearance of being able to decorate, cook and create in an instant….I think I just want her staff.

5) Hmmmm... 5 things…. Oh! I like to break out in song whenever possible! With my own lyrics to popular songs, of course, as well as incredibly out of tune and off key. Fortunately, this is more fun when with my mom since she cannot sing either. Not so much fun for Fritz since he has an ear for sound and music…

Pass it on to 5 people? Well never been a fan of chain mail and forcing people to do something they might not want to do…and I think most people I would like to know more about already have answered this lovely little game – since I am so slow on the posting and all 

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Dove Knits said...

Great hat and nice stranding!

Hope you're feeling better.