28 June 2011

I Am A Robot

Robot Birthday Party
So, one of the crazy things that happened in the last year was Max’s 4th birthday party. I figured it was about time that I threw the kid a birthday party now that we were in an actual house that could hold more than 6 people at a time and he would remember it.

Max was, and is still, obsessed with Robots. I would like to blame The Backyardigans along with Star Wars and the Daleks for this craze of his.

So how does one plan and create a robot birthday party? You troll the internet for ideas that you can steal ,ahem, borrow and use for your own devious plans.

The list started out huge, of course. I had this fantasy that I was going to hang fabric – something sparkly and shiny and cover the table and floors in textured shiny vinyl…but Reality left a voicemail and said NOOOOOO!

So I contained myself with nice, simple decorations:
Robot Birthday Party

Thanks to 2 fabulous webpages Wendolonia and The Hostess Blog, I was able to create an invitation for the party and decorations.
(I am so grateful to those who are for craftier than I when it comes to the computer and Photoshop.)

There were lots of snacks and a robot birthday cake.
Robot Birthday Party

Betty Crocker has a “pattern” and video on how to cut and decorate your sheet cake into a tasty robot cake. It was a bit rough. I am sooooo much better with fabric than I am with cake. But Max loved it and that is all that matters.
BTW – Did you know that there is spray paint for your baked goods? Silver Spray paint to boot! (Where does that expression come from anyway?)


The Relaxolotl said...

Macduff uses it in IV.3, but it doesn't give insight into the origin. (http://shakespeare.mit.edu/macbeth/macbeth.4.3.html) Must be older than Shakespeare?

futuregirl said...

Great looking party! :) Here's you're "to boot" info ... http://www.word-detective.com/091400.html

Marietta said...

new webpage to stalk! thank you Alice!

I should not be surprised that it was in McB - considering Shakespeare seemed to have invented half the english language :)

Gerrit said...

A Star Wars and Doctor Who nerd at age four -- a kid after my own heart!

(Though, as a slightly older nerd, I must point out that the Daleks are not technically robots. There are creatures in those buckets, you know)

Amelie said...

This looks cool, Marietta! And you're absolutely right -- if Max loved it, that's all that matters.