05 September 2007

mmmm, cake

katherine's bday

Happy Birthday! To my lovely assistant, Katherine. Well, last week anyway. She is in search of her frog prince so i felt the need to make cupcakes and arrange them like this. Get it? Frog prince? yeah - i know i lose me too sometimes :)
I like to believe that it is practice for my future - little boy birthday parties and all that. Katherine is a willing victim participant in my reindeer games.

She is also a fan of aprons - so i made her a knitted apron:

Can't tell you what the yarn is other than it is Gedifra (dandy? and something that starts with a V? possibly?) It came out of my stash and i was just messing around with one of those dishcloth patterns you can find on the web. The fabric ruffle is a double-shot chiffon from stock. There is an inset of a close-up in the picture with the idea of running a lime-green ribbon through the eyelets. Maybe...well most likely.

Still playing with photo shop...and still forgetting what i did to get cool things to happen to pictures. Less beer and more sleep might be involved....


Katherine said...

Just a heads up- I can't read your blog! The text and the background are the same color suddenly in both Firefox and Safari, so I had to highlight the whole page just to see it!

I'm currently fighting the same problem but going the other direction- Firefox and Safari see Spwug.com just fine, but Internet Explorer is out of luck.

Marietta said...

all fixed!!!!!

kittything said...

ooh! ooh! it is fabric from the queen! and Katherine deserves the royal treatment. =)

Anonymous said...

Found your blog!
Fun apron!!

I'm going to have to join you cool kids and make up my own blog one of these days.

I am also in line to join the other cool kids, but I'm closer to the front than you - only got about 1,000 invites to go!

And...little M is getting way too cute! :-)

Amanda (a.k.a. gr8aunt)